Introduction :

Razinka is a puzzle game, composed of a playing field and geometric pieces
of squares blocks with specific dimensions.
At the beginning of the game, the play area contains one or more incomplete lines
of the same blocks, and limited number of playing pieces.
The game begins with a piece falling from the top of the playing area, during its fall
the player can move it horizontally or rotate it to suit the position he wants, Its fall ends
when it reaches the bottom of the playing feild or when it touch another block in
the playing area, where it joins with it, and then another piece begins to fall,
when a complete line of blocks is formed, it is automatically cleared and the game
ontinues, if the player clear The bottom line the game ends with victory, if the pieces
accumulate until they reach the top of the playing field or the number of fallen pieces
ends, the game ends with the loss.

Game rules:

Challenge mode :

if you want to play a game with your freinds, you must play it in network
at the some time,but sometimes friends just don't have time to play
In the Razinka game, you can challenge your friends, Without network
connection, or play at the some time. you can play at different times,
and confirm the winner just do the following steps :

1 - Download the game with the same release date.

2 - Click on the "Challenge" button.

3 - In the Challeng window, type the group name, the group name size
within 1 to 16 characters, all frends must type the same group name (case sensivity).
Press the "ok" and Confirm button in Confirm window.

4 - You start playing, you can complete the game in one time, or play
at different times, and when the game ends, a code is shown,
containing the highest level and total score.

5 - Click on the Challenge button.

6 - Put the code in the "Freind code" field and press the "CALC" button
to show the level and total score.

7 - Friends send codes to each other to check the level and the score.

The winner in the game is the one who reaches the highest level,
if two players reach the same level, the winner is the one who
gets the highest score.

Notes :

Release date : 08/02/2021 (Week 06)